• Europe,  France

    Provence: The Must-See Spots During Your Vacation

    Ahoy, travelers! Don your tricorn and hoist the flag! Embark on our imaginary ship for an adventure to discover the hidden treasures of Provence. This region in the southeast of France, bordered by the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean and bathed in sunshine almost all year round, is a true gem worthy of Blackbeard's most precious treasure. Provence is teeming with wonders to explore, from stunning historical sites to idyllic beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Ready to board? Take a look at our treasure map of must-see spots in Provence.

  • Europe,  France

    Nice: 7 Things You Can’t Miss!

    Ahoy, travel mates! Get ready to set sail for an unmissable destination on the French Riviera: Nice. Located on the southeast coast of France, this glittering city offers a treasure trove of stunning landscapes, exquisite cuisine, and art awaiting around…

  • Europe,  France

    Dijon: Things to See Over a Weekend

    Ahoy, world travelers! Prepare to set sail on a hidden treasure nestled in the heart of France: Dijon, a city rich in history, art, and gastronomy. Over the course of a weekend, embark on an adventure worthy of a true…

  • Austria,  Europe

    11 things you don’t want to miss in Vienna

    Ahoy, modern-day adventurers! Set sail for Vienna, Austria’s capital, where treasures of art, music, and history are hidden. Far from the Caribbean, but equally exciting for pirates at heart, this city has unique experiences in store. Looking for a legendary…

  • Europe,  France

    7 Must-Visit Places and Experiences in Bordeaux

    Ahoy, travelers and adventurers in search of hidden treasures! Put on your pirate hat and embark with us on an extraordinary adventure in Bordeaux, the pearl of Southwest France. Whether you are a seasoned pirate or a budding ship’s boy,…

  • Europe,  France

    8 things you can not miss in Marseille

    Ahoy, world adventurers! Set sail for the beautiful city of Marseille, the hidden treasure of the French Riviera, where the scent of the sea harkens back to the glory days of pirates. With its rich history and Mediterranean charm, Marseille…

  • Europe,  France

    Weekend in Lyon: 7 Must-See Attractions

    Lyon, the third-largest city in France, is often overshadowed by Paris in terms of tourist fame. Yet, it doesn’t take a back seat to the capital in any way. Between gastronomy, architecture, and culture, Lyon has much to offer. If…

  • Europe,  France

    City Break in Strasbourg: the Must-Sees

    Strasbourg, known for its rich history and intoxicating blend of French and German culture, is the perfect destination for a city break. Whether you are a lover of history, a foodie, or just a curious explorer, Strasbourg has something to…

  • Europe,  France

    5 Places and Experiences Not to Miss in Camargue

    Ahoy, world adventurers! If you’re a modern-day pirate seeking hidden treasures in the least explored destinations, Camargue is for you. This natural region in the south of France offers breathtaking landscapes and unique experiences. Here are five places and experiences…